A Shanker’s Tale Begins

We may need to work on that title.

This will be the main feature of this blog to begin with: the trials and tribulations of my Rogue on the way from level 1, to level 90. It may go beyond 90, for tracking progress at level cap, but we’ll see how this goes!


So, this is Illirica, my Rogue. As of this post, she’s level 10 and, as the eagle-eyed have noticed, in Orgrimmar. She’s Assassination specced for the moment, because it holds the most appeal to me; she is, after all, a shanker.

This series will be regular, and will track Illirica’s levelling and general development progress. I’ll have fun documenting it and, hopefully, someone will have fun reading about my many mishaps along the way. If you’re very fortunate, I might even remember to hit print screen occasionally. So, some basic introductory information:

  • Obviously, she’s a Blood Elf Rogue, on an RP-PvP server.
  • Less obviously, she’s a Miner and an Engineer. Mining is going quite well, Engineering is as yet untouched.
  • I love questing and PvP, but there might be some dungeon reports.
  • There will probably be another “series” of posts for PvP reports, tentatively titled After Action Reports, unless I can think of something wittier.
  • Illirica has already died. Twice. To Murlocs.

There will be other, irregular posts about other issues – thoughts and analysis on classes, patch changes, PvP in general, etcetera. The only promises about those are they’ll be about World of Warcraft, and probably include stabbing people in one way or another.

Onwards! To Northern Barrens!


1 Response to “A Shanker’s Tale Begins”

  1. 1 Navimie February 27, 2013 at 19:55

    Look forward to your adventures 🙂 more so coz you’re horde 🙂

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