A Shanker’s Tale: Results


Sure were some spiders in Hinterlands. Having come to terms with that, Illirica finds herself on another battlefield: this time, the scourge-ravaged town of Andorhal, in what is now the Western Plaguelands. The objectives are simple: clear out the remaining Scourge, then clear out the Alliance, thereby claiming the burnt out ruins in the name of the Horde. Simple enough. You’re working for Koltira Deathweaver, here, formerly of the Knights of the Ebon Blade.

You’re ordered to engage the Scourge forces to begin with, starting with some skeletons and Abominations, and moving up to their leaders: Araj the Summoner, of olde-timey raid quest fame, The Ravenian, of olde-timey Scholomance fame, and Darkmaster Gandling of… well, he’s still in Scholomance. Araj and The Ravenian are both straightforward, but Gandling is tougher, eventually stunning you in a Shadow Prison.pact At this point, Koltira and his old friend Thassarian show up to bail you out. Having done so, they make plans not to fight one another until a later date. Koltira informs you that you are to tell no one of his agreement with Thassarian. I’m sure this’ll end well.

After that, you’re dismissed from Andorhal, and told to return when Koltira is ready to make his assault against the Alliance forces.

Other quests lead you around the various farms of Western Plaguelands, much as they used to. One line in particular has you tasked with killing Alliance farmers so that a Val’kyr can raise them as new Forsaken, valkyrthereby swelling the ranks of your forces in the area and ensuring that the Forsaken race continues to thrive. Ominous, all in all. Ironically, after helping a Val’kyr to create new undead, you’re sent off to help the Argent Dawn Crusade rat out the last remnants of Scourge activity in the zone, including a particularly tedious quest which involves herding spiders. You do at least get to be “helped” by amusingly incompetent trainee Druid, Zen’kiki, however, which makes it all worthwhile, in the end.

You are eventually summoned back to Andorhal to resume the battle. The delay has given the Alliance time to raise a rabble of local farmers to attack our flank – not an ideal situation. Koltira orders you to set his pet Gargoyle on them, and attack the Alliance forces in the town. Once this is complete, he orders you to bring an insubordinate underling, Lindsay Ravensun, to him. Anagrams ahoy! It’s Sylvanas. And boy, is she unhappy with Koltira’s delays. Once again she gives you a Val’kyr to command, this time ordering you to attack the Alliance’s militia, convert them to Forsaken, and use them to hunt down Thassarian. Unfortunately the delay has given him time to escape, with only the bones of his skeleton companion left behind. Returning to the Banshee Queen, she passes judgement on Koltira for his insubordination. It’s not pretty.



In all, this was a great zone, despite a couple of annoying quests. I like Sylvanas a lot, and Western Plaguelands certainly delivers on that front. As I said before – you’re welcome to complain about her methods (and they are pretty ghastly), but if you want Horde general who will win you battles? Look no further.

On to Rogue stuff: Illirica is now level 40. I decided on Nerve Strike for her tier 2 talent, reasoning that it’s useful in PvP as well as consistently reducing incoming damage while questing. I also splashed out on a couple of glyphs, most notably the Glyph of Deadly Momentum, which should also make questing a little swifter. Level 40 also heralds the somewhat overdue arrival of Kidney Shot, which will hopefully stop healers being such an issue in battlegrounds. Also at level 40 for Assassination Rogues is the execute ability, Dispatch. It hits considerably harder than Mutilate (noting that I don’t have equal DPS daggers) for slightly more than half the energy cost, which should make for a nice burst on low health targets.

I’m back off to Kalimdor for the next stretch. Thousand Needles, specifically. Where’s my snorkel?




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