A Shanker’s Tale: The Melange


I completely forgot to take any scenery screenshots in Winterspring, so here’s a gratuitous shot of Illirica’s sick duds in front of a rare ice giant.

As with Thousand Needles, the most important thing to know about Winterspring is that it’s full of ore. Thorium, to be precise. There are spawns all around the walls of the zone, and it was very easy to gather the 200 or so I needed for leveling Engineering, without really going out of my way for it. The other thing to know is that it’s full of goblins, only some of which want you to exterminate the entire local animal population for delicious smoked meat treats.

animals2Having asked you to kill ninety three animals in this quest chain, the questgivers don’t even eat the foot they made at the end of it. Horribly wasteful, really.

The primary questline in Winterspring focuses, as you might expect, on the corruption of the area and things that have been going wrong since the Cataclysm. You eventually track the disturbances to Mazthoril, where the mage Umbranse has been opening portals to other dimensions, making for an interesting trip through a cave, fighting demons and creatures from other worlds.

Winterspring done, I headed off to Silithus.


Silithus is… Silithus. There are a lot of bugs, some extremely dead world PvP, and only nineteen quests for the zone completion achievement. It wasn’t very interesting, and didn’t get me to level 60. Blasted Lands, then.



Snake? Snaaaake!

Now, this did used to all be trees. Though there are a lot more trees than there used to be, around here. The main questline in the Blasted Lands is the same as it ever was, though it’s a lot shorter, and a lot more accessible than it’s previous iteration: the battle against the demon, Razelikh the Defiler. There’s also some Alliance/Horde conflict here, most notably in the Nethergarde mine, featuring a darling quest with some obvious influences.

All of that, and a quick trip to the Darkmoon Faire, netted me level 60. Overall, I’ve enjoyed my trip through the new old world – it’s a lot better than it ever used to be, for sure. There are one or two problems (most notably those constantly stunning monsters in Thousand Needles, and a slight over-reliance on vehicle mechanics) but, in the end, nothing is perfect.

As Illirica is level 60, she gets another talent. Despite being sorely tempted by Cloak and Dagger, I’ve opted for Shadowstep. Being able to use it out of stealth is the main reasoning – the mobility is very important for PvP. If I was levelling purely from quests, I would probably pick up C&D – I may switch between the two a bit. If I go Subtlety, it’ll be with C&D. I’ve also made use of all that PvP I’ve been doing, and picked up a pair of High Warlord’s Razors. They’ll probably be replaced fairly soon, but every little helps.

Right, what’s next? Are we ready to go after Deathwing, after running around Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms fixing all of the problems his Cataclysm caused. Wait. What’s that? Oh no.

Welcome, all, to January 2007! It’s time for Outland!


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