A Shanker’s Tale: Outland


Yes, welcome to 2007 and welcome, one and all, to Hellfire Peninsula! It’s red, it’s sandy and… oh, I can’t be bothered. It’s tired, drab, and I don’t want to be here anymore. If there’s any area in the game in need of an overhaul in the post-Cataclysm world, it’s Hellfire Peninsula. Followed closely by “the rest of Outland”. If I could skip it, I would, but as that isn’t on the cards, I chose instead to throw myself at the issue with gusto.


Anyone have an Elixir of Ancient Knowledge?

In all honesty, I skipped most of Hellfire through heading to Outland at 60, and doing a lot of Zangarmarsh. There’s little to recommend these zones as a whole, the only noticable changes from 2007 being the change to group quests, allowing them to be soloed. It’s welcome, as they provide a lot of experience, but the whole place could really use an overhaul. Dungeons and PvP certainly help, but PvP doesn’t provide massive exp unless you’re winning constantly, and dungeon queues can be very slow for a DPSer. I probably should’ve gotten on that pet battle experience train, before it was nerfed!

Anyway, we’re basically glossing over Outland, here. A few hours of questing circuits, a couple dungeons and an awful lot of PvPing later, and Illirica hit 68. Time to escape to Northrend. Still older than what I’ve been doing, but a lot less objectionable, in my opinion.

Rogue stuff! Little to report, really. Those High Warlords Razors were an excellent investment, as they’ve lasted all the way through Outland. 68 does herald the arrival of Preparation, which is of course an excellent tool for PvP, particularly for situations where you’re caught without Vanish out in the world. A quick note on world PvP – there’s been very little of it, to date. The most notable encounter so far was a Discipline Priest that nuked me from 100% to a Cheat Death proc in a single cast of Penance. Thanks, Vanish. Tank and Healer damage in general seems massively out of whack at the lower levels, honestly, but that’s a discussion for people with a lot more experience (and interest) in it than me.


1 Response to “A Shanker’s Tale: Outland”

  1. 1 Abrann Salvador March 10, 2013 at 06:15

    Ugh, I truly dread Hellfire Peninsula. Great blow! Consider me a fan!

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