A Shanker’s Tale: The Frozen North


I love Northrend every bit as much as I hate Outland.

Borean Tundra was always one of my very favourite zones. From the landing, and The Many Faults of Garrosh Hellscream through to helping the Kalu’ak and attacking the Blue Dragonflight at Coldarra, I love nearly all of it. So, consequencesIllirica does nearly all of it. One of the main highlights for me are the interactions between Varok and Garrosh. Both their little conversations about strategy in Warsong Hold, and the lengths Saurfang goes to to make sure everything goes well – including showing up to solo a Necrolord and about a hundred Scourge, seemingly so you can claim the credit and show young Hellscream that the Horde has hope on this campaign. It’s magnificently well done, and I hope there’s more of these two together in the future – possibly in 5.4?

mrrglThere is, of course, also the Murloc disguise suit. Which is surely the best model in any videogame to date. It’s a shame there’s (to my knowledge) no vanity item that changes you in to the disguise. I feel like they missed a trick, on that one. At least I can take screenshots of it in amusing poses, for posterity.

My last favourite in Borean Tundra: D.E.H.T.A. Even better now that the formerly group quests are easily soloed, I love helping these guys out. It always seemed odd to me that there are so many quests to hunt animals, for reasons from “we need food” to “I want a new cloak”, and no one taking issue with it. D.E.H.T.A sends that up perfectly, particularly with the dialogue from the various Nesingwary minions you fight through the line.


I’m not such a huge fan of Dragonblight, but I still like it enough to stop over. I especially wanted to do the Wrath Gate questline, and was disappointed to discover that half of it has been removed. I suppose this makes sense from a plot advancement point of view, but it’s nonetheless a very odd decision. All of the other world events are left trapped in amber – everyone in the old world is still banging on about Deathwing, everyone in Outland talks like you just arrived to defeat Illidan – so I don’t understand why they felt the need to remove this. As it is, the story is dropped before Putress’ comeuppance, and anyone who didn’t see it in it’s original state is left to wonder what exactly happens afterwards.

Though to be fair, anyone who wasn’t around in Wrath probably won’t find it. The requirements to even unlock the cutscene are extensive.

After Dragonblight, Illirica is level 75. Another talent! For the time being I’ve opted for Dirty Tricks. This allows me to CC someone – a mob, or an annoying tank in PvP – for a long time, while my Deadly Poison and Rupture kills them. Very handy, and I’m looking forward to Mastery at level 80 to make it even more effective. I can see it being the talent of choice for going out and doing things on your own, but Paralytic Poison or Prey on the Weak are probably better for organised PvP.

I’m also (provisionally) finished with Wrath engineering, having hit 425 without needing a single piece of Saronite. Engineering is certainly a lot more streamlined now, and hasn’t been any kind of a hardship to level.

Next up… I’m not entirely sure. Maybe a bit of Grizzly Hills? Zul’drak then Sholazar? Decisions!


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