A Shanker’s Tale: Gratuitous Castle Shot



I decided on Zul’drak, for our next stop. I enjoy the troll lore as a whole, so this is a zone I enjoy. It’s particularly fun to remind myself of the origins of some of the 5.2 stuff that’s rattling around, so a-trollin’ we went. The zone focuses on the struggle between three main groups – the Scourge, led in the area by the Troll Death Knight, Drakuru, the Argent Crusade, and the Drakkari Trolls. The questlines here give a real insight in to the workings of the Scourge.


You have failed me for the last time, Drakuru!

Drakuru has his forces set up as a strict meritocracy, with those that succeed in their tasks being promoted, and those that fail being executed. Brutal, straightforward, and entirely free of mortal concerns.

It also shows exactly how desperate a people can get, when faced with this implacable foe, with the Drakkari having sacrificed many of their own Gods in an attempt to gain enough power to be able to stop the invaders. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go too well.

I enjoyed bringing about Drakuru’s comeuppance, and the foreshadowing for the Lich King’s ultimate plan that comes from the resolution to that questline. Amazing no one really saw it coming, with the dialogue there.

After Zul’drak, I headed off to Sholazar. Because, really, I haven’t killed my quota of local wildlife on this continent. The Nesingwary Expedition will sort that out in no time at all!


Nice neighbourhood. Leafy. Needs castles.

There isn’t much to Sholazar, really, besides helping Nesingwary hunt everything that moves. There is of course the questline assisting the Avatar of Freya in her investigations in to how the Scourge have managed to invade a supposedly safely warded area of Icecrown. Needless to say, cultists did it. I had no interest whatsoever in pursuing the Frenzyheart/Oracles quests, so headed off to Icecrown for the final stretch of Northrend.



Icecrown, of course, starts with the Argent Crusade attempting to force a beachhead in the heartland of the Lich King. You fight through hordes of Scourge, kill several bosses with the assistance of various Death Knights from the Ebon Blade, and finally establish a base on the glacier itself, at Crusader’s Pinnacle. Later in the zone you take over more and more of Arthas’ holdings, until you’re finally at the gates of the Citadel itself.

I love Northrend, as I’m sure you can tell, so it’s a shame to leave it behind. Still, Illirica is level 80, and that means I’m off to Cataclysm content once more. 80 also heralds the arrival of Mastery, and each spec‘s burst cooldown, both excellent additions to the Rogue’s arsenal. Which is almost complete, now! Very few new things left to get. In other Rogue news, I’m intending to try out Combat a bit in the coming zones, primarily because it’s the only spec I haven’t touched at all so far. As everyone knows, you can shank with swords. It’s just a little awkward, is all.



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