A Shanker’s Tale: The Doom in Uldum


Next on Illirica’s journey is an extended trip through an Indiana Jones movie Uldum, another of the lost titan areas on Azeroth. Back in the day I was expecting this to be a vault – similar to Ulduar – if they ever got around to finishing it. Instead they went completely the other way, turning it in to a beautiful mountainous desert full of Egyptian themes, including animal-head armour, giant statues and pyramids aplenty.


I’m sure I’ve played something like this before…

There are two main plotlines here. The first is earning the trust of Ramkahen and it’s inhabitants by aiding them in a number of different ways. They can’t wage open war against their enemies, the Neferset (who, like every other malevolent force in Cataclysm, are in service to Deathwing) without a vote from the various leaders of their people. Of course, they all want something doing in return for their vote. Eventually you meet up with an incompetent Tol’vir soldier Salhet who, through his questline, is revealed to be something of a military genius. With his aid, you’re able to turn back the Neferset attacks and attack them on their own ground, slaying one of their leaders in the process.

The other, longer, strand in Uldum is the aforementioned Indiana Jones movie: investigating the Titan secrets in the zone, in search of the fabled Coffer of Promise. Hijinks ensue throughout, including a segment where Indiana Ford Harrison Jones brings down four giant statues simply by swinging from them with a rope. He’s that awesome. The quests lead you through various set pieces lifted directed from the movies, and are amazingly good fun.

schnottzThe villain of the piece of, naturally, a Goblin with an outrageous Hollywood German accent. He’s also working for Deathwing, searching for the Coffer so that he can destroy it, allowing the Aspect of Death to activate the planetary re-origination device located in the Halls of Origination. It goes badly, with Schnottz suffering a predictably face-melty end.

A brief note on re-origination – hasn’t that become a bit of a common threat, by now? I’m hoping they’re done with that particular method of ending the world.

Finally, with a little help from Brann Bronzebeard (played here by Sean Connery), the Coffer of Promise is restored and opened, providing Brann with another set of titan discs and rejuvenating part of Uldum.

I loved Uldum, and, conveniently, it dropped Illirica right at level 85. Off to see what all this Panda fuss is about…


2 Responses to “A Shanker’s Tale: The Doom in Uldum”

  1. 1 ronebean March 14, 2013 at 12:06

    so that was mount hyjal 80-82 then uldum 82-85. most interesting…

  2. 2 aworldfall March 14, 2013 at 21:26

    83, really – I tipped over the edge from a little bit of Deepholm and my PvP daily win.

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