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Reports from the Front: This Happened


… and we all have to live with that fact. Remember to focus fire those healers, folks!


Reports from the Front: Wreckin’


So, this happened last night. Warsong Gulch, the Rogue 5.2 buffs have gone in, we have a lot of healers/hybrids and the Alliance team is a bit ropey. Why not try for a big score, Illirica?


Deathmatching in midfield dot Joint Photographics Experts Group

Massive thanks to the healers here, particularly Místy-Thunderhorn who spam healed me through a Cheat Death proc while I was throwing caution to the wind to get the last couple of kills before the timer ran out. Shout out to Kalue-Frostwhisper for delaying his cap long enough for me to finish it off, too!

The Assassination buffs are amazing – 5% passive damage through Assassin’s Resolve on top of the extra 20% on Envenom and 15% on Dispatch is great. Combined with the extra talents and abilities I’ve unlocked on the last few levels, I feel capable of winning (or at least drawing) 1v1 fights reliably. All in all, PvP is looking up, after dragging a bit through the 40s.